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My brain tumor isn‘t done with me yet.

My brain tumor isn‘t done with me yet.

October 17, 2021

Today is my "Craniversary."  Two years ago on October 17, 2019 I underwent brain surgery at Cleveland Clinic to remove a sphenoid wing orbital meningioma.  I know it's a mouthful of a name.  Meningiomas are common, one in 32,000 people get one every year.  The majority are benign, and while that's a good thing, depending on the location, even benign tumors can be fatal.  

While my tumor is common, the location (behind my left eye) is not.  My initial surgery was complex and I knew going in that they wouldn't be able to remove it all.  We chose not to do radiation back then, because if I needed another surgery, the radiation would make it even more difficult if not impossible.  

So we watched, waited and every six months I had an MRI to see if my residual tumors were growing.  The surgery left me essentially with four residual tumors.  One, the dangerous one, is 3mm from my carotid artery, one on my optic nerve, one on the back of my left eye and one in my eye socket.  The last one is the problem.  It decided to spread into my cavernous sinus.  So in mid-December I'll be heading back into surgery.  Only this time, I'm a candidate for a minimally invasive type of procedure.  They'll try to remove as much as they can by accessing the tumor through my eyelid.  I will likely need reconstruction surgery on my face. 

As we get closer tos surgery, I'll update you with more podcasts on the subject and of course I'll be reporting on my journey with the hope of educating and helping those who may need more information about these types of tumors. 




The legal wellness advice you didn‘t know you needed

The legal wellness advice you didn‘t know you needed

October 7, 2021

When was the last time you checked your “legal” wellness?  We typically think of health and wellbeing in the physical sense.  But there are other areas of your life that need to be healthy too and one of them is your legal health. 

There may be obvious times you need to get a lawyer, but there are also many day-to-day events when you need some legal advice, and you may not even know it.  Are you always clicking agree when you update your computer or phone?  Are you tossing those postcards that say something about a lawsuit, but the print is too fine and complicated to read?  Dan Karon is a legal expert and consumer advocate and in this episode, he’s going to explain some legal issues you likely didn’t even know you needed to know. 




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